Our Mission

Our Mission is to use the best vocals for our songs; to create unique sets filled with various talented singers. All of the songs we write are inspired by true life experiences and each song has its own unique characteristics. The Old Americana Band endeavors to pair the characteristics and style of the song to match the unique characteristics of each singer.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote both Luca Mariano Distillery, its bourbon and rye whiskeys, and the artists of The Old Americana Band. We want to disrupt the music industry with our unique model: having multiple lead singers that each have their own set of songs written by us for The Old Americana Band. The Old Americana Band at its core is a pro-American, a pro-Enjoying Life Band. Forget about it all. Enjoy our great music, bourbon, and food. We invite all walks of life to enjoy our diverse musical talents and songs. Our music is meant to unite and bring us all together as one people.

The 1,2,3

No Contract No Commitment Handshake Deal The idea behind The Old Americana Band is to generate songs for the artist that will be singing the song helping to build a career for them that highlights their strengths and abilities while promoting Luca Mariano Distillery and creating a unique experience for our audience. VersatransĀ®, the company owned by Francesco Viola, will help with all the marketing, merchandising, and web development for the band and its featured artists.